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Feminized Cannabis Seeds Amnesia Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females

However, she’s suspected to derive from the cross of a Haze and a Northern Lights. The catalog of Dinafem Seeds couldn’t do without this wonderful Sativa queen that has succeeded in fully captivating.


amnesia haze autoflower seeds is a heavy-yielding strain. In fact, she can provide up to 600 g/m2 indoors and some 1200 g/plant outdoors. All the buds she produces are rock-hard, elongated, thick and covered in smelly resin. If you’re cultivating this strain, don’t forget to have plenty of storage space available. You’ll definitely need it!

Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds Aromas and flavors

The taste and aroma of Original Amnesia are very intense and refined, marvelously mixing hints of citrus, Haze, cedar, incense, and spices. A tasty and nice combination that captivates all those who taste her.


Original Amnesia is one of those cannabis seeds that the collection of thrill-seekers and Sativa-lovers shouldn’t do without. She is very potent, stimulating, euphoric, and long-lasting, which goes straight to the head and finishes with a very pleasant sensation.

Amnesia Feminized Seeds Cultivation

It’s always a pleasure to work with Original Amnesia, a seed with exemplary behavior.  She flowers very fast, at par with the best sprinter, and crosses the finish line like a champ. Indoors, she’s ready in just 65 days and, outdoors, the time to harvest arrives by mid-/late October.

Characteristics of
Original amnesia haze seeds for sale

Sex Feminized
Genotype 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Cross Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia
Indoor flowering 65 days
Indoor yield 600 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time Mid-October / Late October
Outdoor yield 1200 g/plant
Outdoor height 3.5 m
THC* 15-20%
CBD* 0.01-0.2%

Amnesia Feminized Seeds Dinalab Analysis



Cannabinoid (%)
THC 16.5
CBG 0.88
CBC 0.41
CBD 0.11
THCV 0.07
CBN 0.06

The total amount of cannabinoids*: 18.03%

Also, Cannabis contains at least 113 cannabinoids, which can be either acidic or neutral. When heated – e.g. through smoking, vaping, or cooking – acidic cannabinoids decarboxylate and become neutral. This report refers only to the main cannabinoids – acidic and neutral – in this strain.

Amnesia haze feminized seeds terpenes

β-caryophyllene: (23.354%) 23.354
Limonene: (12.366%) 12.366
Terpinolene: (10.632%) 10.632
β-Myrcene: (8.663%) 8.663
α-Humulene: (8.239%) 8.239
Sabinene: (3.415%) 3.415
Eucalyptol: (2.01%) 2.01
α-Pinene: (1.957%) 1.957
Caryophyllene Oxyde: (1.42%) 1.42
Trans Nerolidol: (0.92%) 0.92
Fenchol: (0.824%) 0.824
β-Eudesmol: (0.716%) 0.716
Guaiol: (0.604%) 0.604
Camphene: (0.524%) 0.524
δ-3-Carene: (0.338%) 0.338
β-caryophyllene (23.354%)
Limonene (12.366%)
Terpinolene (10.632%)
β-Myrcene (8.663%)
α-Humulene (8.239%)
Sabinene (3.415%)
Eucalyptol (2.01%)
α-Pinene (1.957%)
Caryophyllene Oxide (1.42%)
Trans Nerolidol (0.92%)
Fenchol (0.824%)
β-Eudesmol (0.716%)
Guaiol (0.604%)
Camphene (0.524%)
δ-3-Carene (0.338%)

Total amount of terpenes*: 1.98%


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