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During these last two years, Subcool, the breeder of The Dank could grow and compare different clones of the cannabis strain, OG Kush, looking for a rare pearl. He finally found a plant with higher quality than all others: the Hells Angels OG. Buy Jesus OG Kush Weed Online Order now

Firstly, this clone of Hells Angels OG is a hybrid crossing between the famous OG KUSH, and a Blackberry from the breeder Nebus, a highly potent marijuana strain. jesus og kush leafly

Secondly, this exceptional cannabis clone was selected in a club of the terrible Hells Angels bikers in Orange County, by the same team who had introduced the clone of OG Kush Larry cut into the medical community clinics.

Furthermore, the subcool decided to cross this female plant of OG Hells with his best male plant of the strain Jack The Ripper, which is a very resinous strain with an intense lemony scent, resulting in the Jesus OG, an excellent OG Kush excellent acidulous flavor.

However, Jesus OG keeps a strong Indica predominance, with a relaxing effect, ideal for medicinal use of marijuana.

You don’t know in what you must have faith? OG Jesus is here for you!

Features of OG Kush Jesus from Subcool The Dank:

  • Phenotypes: There are two main and dominant phenotypes, the first with a strong lemony smell, which contains a high level of limonene, and the second with a strong OG Kush dominance, the favorite of the testers.
  • Height: High
  • Yield: High
  • Best growing method: Early apical prune and SCROG for maximum bud production.
  • Flowering time: 53 to 63 days
  • Sativa 20% / Indica 80%
  • Hybrid: OG Kush X Blackberry X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen
  • Effect Type: Narcotic, favoring reflection, relieves pain while with some mental clarity.
  • Taste and odor type: Typical OG Kush flavor, with subtle lemony and fruity tones. The aromas of the Jesus og kush strain accompany perfectly the fruity smell. Jesus OG Kush Weed jesus og kush leafly jesus og kush seeds.

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