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Green Privilege Gummy Bears are a delicious sweet n’ sour treat full of bold flavors. All product is dosed out at 10mg per piece for easy safe dosing. Green Privilege Blueberry Rings  always arrives in burst of flavorful sour savories always leaving Craving more. The rich texture and explosive taste provide a euphoric and memorable experience for all Cannabis users. Using lab grade medical equipment for micro-dosing along with a premium distillate oil, G.P always delivers a consistent and clean Cannabis product. Buy green privilege gummy worms online Order now

In addition, instead of just using standard THC isolate, Green Privilege captures all aspects of the plant, such THC, CBD, CBN, terpenes. All the cannabinoids and flavonoids, gives users the elusive Entourage Effect through its patent pending Full spectrum extraction method. The gummies are beloved for their rich head and body high.

Our best selling item- everyone seems to love our soft, chewy and delicious Gummy Bears that are exploding with fruity flavor. Feed the kid in you! Each Bear contains 60mg with 40 pieces total bears per 2400mg bags.

Green Privilege Gummy Bears Potency Scale 1 – 5

Balanced Hybrid

Fruit Punch
Relaxing, increases euphoria, mood, appetite and drowsiness
Consume 5-10 (depending on tolerance) gummies  every 30 minutes for safe dosing

Green privilege gummy worms/Green privilege watermelon rings/Green Privilege Blueberry Rings Recommendation

All in all, it is  great for patients seeking a mellow couch lock high with longer lasting effects than flower or wax. Buy green privilege watermelon rings online  Order now


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