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White Tahoe Cookies Strain is an Indica-dominant strain created by Kush4Breakfast and distributed by Archive Seed Bank. Buy White Tahoe Cookies Online This strain is a blend of The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies cut and exemplifies attributes of each in trichome coverage, effect, and aroma. Buy white tahoe cookies strain Order now

The GSC bouquet has been enhanced through this cross offering up sweeter, cashier notes with distant OG undertones. Its restful effects pile on with each hit, weighing the consumer to their seat while alleviating minor pain and anxiety. Order now

The cannabis industry is fast-paced.

From dessert fads to diamond-encrusted obsessions, you’ll need to stay ahead of the game if you want to grow the best of the best.

If you want to pack your stash jars with nugs with the dankest fire in town, look no further than White Tahoe Cookies. Every aspect of White Tahoe Cookies is on point, and once you grow this Indica-dominant strain out, you’ll have the weed game locked-up-tight.

Read along to learn everything about the White Tahoe Cookies strain. Discover White Tahoe Cookies’ artisanal origin, mind-blowing potency, lip-smacking flavor, and where to buy White Tahoe Cookies seeds.

White Tahoe Cookies Seeds – Strain ID:

White Tahoe Cookies Seeds Bud

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 20-25% THC
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene
Effects: Euphoria, Creative, Relaxing
Landrace Strain: GSC x (The White x Tahoe OG)

Grow Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Harvest: 7-10 Weeks / 10+ Weeks
Yield: >450g/㎡ / Up to 500g/plant
Height: Up to 5 feet/ >5 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

About White Tahoe Cookies Seeds

White Tahoe Cookies Strain Background

White tahoe cookies allbud was created by an illusive grower — Kush4Breakfast.

Although this moniker may seem humorous to some, Kush4Breakfast is an elite cultivator and breeder pushing the boundaries of marijuana genetics. When top-shelf quality is your focus, Kush4bBreakfast’s unique creations are all you’ll ever need.

Kush4Breakfast created White Tahoe Cookies by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and a hybrid composed of The White and Tahoe OG. The result was a strain that stood on its own in terms of quality, potency, bag appeal, and terpene content.

White Tahoe Cookies seeds have since become rare gems that are seldom seen. However, thanks to a collaboration with Archive Seed Bank, White Tahoe Cookies seeds are slowly, but surely, becoming available.

Growing White Tahoe Cookies Seeds

If you decide to grow something as high-end as White Tahoe Cookies — you must be ready to make sacrifices.

First, White Tahoe Cookies need an abundance of attention. If you aren’t ready to baby these incredible plants, you shouldn’t attempt to grow White Tahoe Cookies seeds.

Next, White Tahoe Cookies seeds are a serious investment. If you’re susceptible to sticker shock — walk away now.

if you’re ready to put the time, effort, and capital to grow White Tahoe Cookies seeds, then read along to learn how to grow the best weed you’ll ever see.

Grow Difficulty:

The White Tahoe Cookies strain is moderately challenging to grow.

If you’ve grown The White, Tahoe OG, or GSC — you’re in luck. White Tahoe Cookies produces an amalgamation of traits seen in each of these strains, and in essence, White Tahoe Cookies will feel familiar.

Beginners must note that White Tahoe Cookies need to be trained and fed at regular intervals. Furthermore, White Tahoe Cookies benefits from regular pruning during the vegetative stage to encourage bud growth. Buy white tahoe cookies seeds

White Tahoe Cookies allbud Effects

Show all

96 people reported 647 effects

Relaxed 79%
Happy 55%
Euphoric 41%
Sleepy 37%
Uplifted 27%
Stress 27%
Depression 23%
Anxiety 21%
Pain 20%
Insomnia 19%
Dry mouth 19%
Dry eyes 10%
Paranoid 5%
Headache 4%
Anxious 3%


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