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Enjoy a delicious treat with this Spicy Mexican Candy. It has a sweet watermelon flavor that’s offset by a bold kick from chili powder. Buy Watermelon Chili Online This pack of Vero watermelon candy comes individually wrapped so you can take one or two with you wherever you go. Buy cbd infused candy Order now

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Place some in a lunch box for school or work as a tasty treat. This pack of hard suckers is ideal for birthday parties, passing out to trick-or-treaters or for filling up a pinata. Buy Watermelon Chili Online Order now

Enjoy a delicious treat with Rebanaditas. Spicy watermelon lollipops that combine sweet watermelon flavor with a twist of chili to excite your taste buds! This pack of Rebanaditas comes with 40 individually wrapped watermelon-shaped lollipops. You can take one or two with you wherever you go or share out at a party! Buy thc infused mexican candy Online

CBD Infused Candy /THC Infused Mexican Candy Description

Pack size: 40 units of 16 gr each (Individually wrapped)

They’re ideal for birthday parties, sharing at work, or keeping in the cupboard to satisfy your cravings. Whatever the occasion, these Mexican lollipops will go down a treat! Buy best edible gummies for anxiety

  • 58 calories per lollipop
  • No fat or cholesterol
  • Combination sweet and spicy flavor


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