USV VIA240 240W TC Vape MOD


  • Two batteries working to provide power
  • Easily atomizes the liquid to quality vapor
  • Easy to use
  • Awesome design and construction
  • Able to get future Firmware upgrades

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Flavor Quality

Enjoy excellent flavor quality with the USV VIA240, provided in the form of impressively large and fluffy vapor clouds. You’ll find a satisfying concentration of flavor in every hit, and the device works equally well with a full range of flavor options.

USV VIA240 Review: Power


The high output capabilities of this vape mod are among its most desirable features. Wattage ranges between 5W and 240W, with a voltage of up to 8.4V. Serious power means massive amounts of vapor that will satisfy even dedicated cloud chasers. Buy VIA240 Mod Online


In terms of your overall vape setup, the USV VIA240 is a good option with moderate flexibility. It plays nicely with a range of tank/atomizer options, so you can pair it with your favorite – a major benefit for most vapers. The device’s TC mod has Stainless Steel, Ni, and Ti compatibility, which is another benefit in the flexibility department.

USV VIA240 Review: Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The USV VIA240 utilizes a user-friendly menu system that keeps things pleasantly simple. You won’t have to waste time navigating through an overly complicated framework just to access your basic settings. Which every vaper knows can be a major joy kill. Just click the main button five times to power up the device, then use 3 clicks to move through the device menu. The buttons are highly tactile, eliminating frustrating misfire issues altogether. Buy USV VIA240W TC BOX MOD Online


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