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Scissor or finger hash is the product of trimming wet cannabis plants. Cannabis plants are very sticky, especially when they still growing and wet. While handling and trimming plants, the resin stalks (trichomes) get rubbed onto growers hands/gloves and scissors. By rubbing the trichomes off the hands/gloves/scissors, you get essentially wet kief. The product is often discoloured (due to plant matter, dirt, etc) and gummy in texture


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The end of the trimming of wet cannabis plants is scissor hash or finger hash. Cannabis plants are especially sticky as they continue to grow and wet. Buy scissor hash online, the resin stalks are rubbed onto the cultivator hands/gloves and scissors during the handling and trimming of plants. Buy finger hash online Order now

You effectively become wet kief by removing the trichomes from your hands/gloves/scissors. You first need to learn how to decarb scissor hash to trigger THC if you looking to cook cannabis foods or to make cannabutter with hash scissors. Decarboxylation is a process in which the THCA (primary scissor hash cannabinoid) transitions to THC which your body processes.

The psychoactive effects of THCA alone won’t be so strong as to eat raw scissors hash. colorado hash for sale

What is Scissor Hash?

During the marijuana cutting process, Scissor hash is obtained. Furthermore, you can remove the accumulated trichomium resin from your trimmers by using a razor blade. Moreover, the hash is a special treat reserved for farmers when the buds are already drying and curling up. More so, this also includes plants that make them into foods. buy hash online UK

It includes plants. Many farmers want to let their hash cure like that with buds for a while so that they can split the contents of the plant and feel that they are rewarded with a cleaner, less rough smoke. Scissor Hash is a great way to get a taste of your harvest before your nugs are dry. When trimming your produce, your scissors will get gummed up with all of the resin glands and other plant material which makes it challenging to keep cutting. Finger hash for sale

Also, the best thing to do after your scissors get gunked up is to scrape them with a razor blade or scalpel and clean them. The resin that is scraped off of your scissors can then be rolled into a ball and smoked as scissor hash!

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