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NYC Diesel lives in a class of its own. Named after the city where it was conceived, this strain is a multiple High Times Cannabis Cup winner. It received second-place awards in the category of best Sativa strain. Those who’ve experienced the bliss of smoking this herb appreciate how the delicate balance of pure energy and relaxation intertwine.


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Originating from the city that never sleeps, NYC Diesel was introduced to the world when its breeder crossed Mexican and Afghani landraces. Buy nyc diesel strain, although it’s a Sativa dominant hybrid it comes in at 40% Indica, helping to mellow out the cerebral buzz of its Sativa effects. NYC diesel weed strain Order now


This NYC diesel strain thc content landing around 19 to 22%. The uplifting effects of nyc diesel weed strain come through as happiness, being chatty, creative, or as positive feel-good vibes. You might also feel the urge to dance, sing, or do some other form of physical expression. But, at the same time, the Indica effects make you feel peaceful. Also, as the cerebral effects wear off, it’s easy to drift off into a deep state of relaxation.


Given the strong diesel aroma of this strain, if you plan to grow it indoors make sure to have the proper odor eliminating equipment. The smell can get super strong as the buds start to flower. NYC Diesel does really well in a controlled environment, but it can grow outdoors too if you live in a warm and dry climate. It has a late harvest at the end of October to early November, so the warm climate and lack of moisture at that time of year are crucial. On average, the flowering time runs about 10 to 12 weeks and the plants yield around 500 to 600 grams per M2.


The buds of NYC Diesel are mostly bright green with bright orange hairs all over it. There’s also some good crystal coverage, which contributes to its high THC percentage. Its aroma is a stinky (in a good way) diesel-like smell that also has notes of grapefruits, The other citrus smells that come through are sweet delicious lime. It’s a pungent tangy surprise for your senses.


NYC Diesel may be popular on the east coast of the United States, but it’s also a fan favorite around the globe. This strain is a beautifully balanced Sativa hybrid that gives you a much-needed pick-me-up in the morning or anytime you need some energy. It’s the perfect wake-n-bake strain that helps to lower stress, so you can peacefully go about your business in a state of ease.

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