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Look – Dark and light green buds with a few dark orange hairs and an abundance of crystals that give it a silvery hue


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Buy California Trainwreck Online, this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain will hit you like a  train. Mexican and Thai Sativas have been crossed with Afghani Indica strains to lend a hand at upping the plant’s yields. Expect a rush of blood to the head which quickly motivates and inspires the user to take action. Light to medium green buds with good trichome development.

Look – Dark and light green buds with a few dark orange hairs and an abundance of crystals that give it a silvery hue

Smell – Earthy, citrus, Pinesol. California Trainwreck strain has the type of scent that will tickle your nose hairs.

Taste – It is very smooth on the inhale with a slight sweet taste followed by an amazing taste. Moreso,  It has little to no expansion, so novice smokers don’ t have to worry about going into a coughing fit.


This marijuana strain is one of a kind, it literally hits you like a train wreck, because you immediately feel it’ s cerebral effects. Buy California Trainwreck Online, At first it is a mind fuck, but then it chills out into a nice euphoric and relaxed feeling.

Medicinal Application

To conclude, the effect is said to be a long-lasting body stone with a gentle wash of calmness. The relaxing effects are beneficial for those wanting immediate pain relief from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. In addition, it also helps deal with anxiety issues.

A go-to strain in Northern California, Trainwreck is a fast-acting hybrid with potent sativa effects. The powerful strain has an earthy, sweet, and spicy aroma and a cerebral high that hits like a train. Praised for its boost of euphoria, creativity, and happiness, Trainwreck is perfect for patients struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


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