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Nowadays, most cannabis enthusiasts look at cannabinoid concentration when choosing a strain. Higher levels of THC produce a psychoactive, energy-raising high, while CBD is more relaxing. While numerous factors affect the cannabinoid content of cannabis strains, those that fall under the Indica umbrella tend to have higher cannabinoid concentrations, CBD in particular. For this reason, many people within the cannabis community associate Indica strains with sedative effects and an intense body high, making them more suitable for nighttime use. To the untrained eye, Indica looks like any other cannabis strain. Buy Indica Marijuana Online
However, this plant carries unique features that make it highly sought after. It’s challenging to find a pure Indica strain due to generations of cross-breeding, but to avoid confusion, we – like most other suppliers – simply refer to Indica-like cultivars as Indica.

Physical Characteristics of Indica
Indica plants have shorter heights, broader leaves, and smaller buds than their Sativa cousins. That said, don’t let their size fool you. Indica buds are composed of multiple layers of thick plant material, making them a lot denser. As a result, they are just as potent, if not more, than Sativa buds. In terms of color, Indica buds often sport deep purple hues – or less commonly – pink. Those that have been heavily cross-bred might have greener colors. Beautiful kief crystals cover these buds to give them a unique textured look. Numerous factors, like growing conditions and parental characteristics, affect the smell and taste of Indica strains. In general, though, these plants have a sweet or sour taste, with hints of fruity, citrusy, and floral notes with every hit.

Benefits of Indica
Recreational Benefits

Thanks to their CBD-rich content, Indica produces a euphoric, sedated sensation, perfect for winding down after work or relaxing during the weekend. Many people describe the high as a “deep body stone” that loosens your muscles. Indica strains are also great at relieving anxiety. In fact, studies find that the cannabinoid composition of Indica plants directly influences the body’s stress hormone – cortisol – to regulate its levels and help you feel more balanced. Lastly, taking Indica buds will help you sleep more soundly. This effect may be beneficial for those who have insomnia or other conditions that keep them up at night.

Medical Benefits

Many use Indica weed flower to treat both chronic and acute pain. Whether it’s a sprained back or arthritis, this cultivar promotes muscle relaxation and decompression, lowering inflammation. Studies also find that it can help with conditions like:

non-migraine headaches
Nerve damage
Joint pain

Indica also helps stimulate your cravings for food. Those suffering from serious medical conditions or diseases can greatly benefit from this effect. For instance, chemotherapy patients suffering from a loss of appetite and nausea can use Indica to alleviate these side effects.

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