Packaging And Shipping


Top Weed Suppliers offers interstate Shipping which is very safe and We give a guarantee that your order will make it through the customs of your country. Making it easy for our customers to Buy Marijuana Online,  and have it delivered directly to them without any complications. Top Weed Suppliers Discreet Delivery

  • If you are looking to Buy marijuana online then you should know we offer double vacuum seal and stealth package on all orders so it can’t be scent detected by canine (dogs).

  • If your shipment does not arrive we can provide you with proof of shipment and you are compensated but will give no refunds unless it is our error.

  • Stuff is professionally wrapped into an oily plastic, no smell, no x-ray penetration, and cannot be detected even with the ION scanner. Then packaged into a PlayStation or X-box carton so the buyer receives stuff as though receiving a newly ordered game.

  • We do also send customized packages (diplomatic sealed ) that evade all custom checks. To avoid crushing, buds will come in small packages. Many concentrates such as hash and amber glass can be mailed via a flat envelope. This Envelope will be shipped via priority mail.


NB ~ Make sure there are no errors with your email address, shipping address, and phone number we don’t want orders shipped to the wrong addresses or to the wrong persons.

100% Risk-free and Safe delivery to both Home and P.O Box Addresses.

All orders are shipped from California or District of Columbia

Phone orders: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm  ||  Sun 10am-8pm
Online orders: 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Delivery Hours: Mon-Sat 12:30am-9pm || Sun 11:30am-8pm

CONTACT  for any further questions

Top Weed Suppliers Discreet Delivery